Bengal Tiger

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Facts about the Bengal Tiger

  • The Bengal Tiger is a mammal, quite clearly, it has fur all over it and gives birth to live cubs.
  • The Bengal Tiger is carnivorous and feeds on small to, quite large, animals, such as deer and buffalo.
  • They can live around 10 years, and are quite large animals, weighing around 500 lbs.
  • They are around 5 to 6 feet (the height of an average man) in length from the front of it’s head to the start of the tail, and the tail itself is 2 to 3 feet.
  • Tigers are the largest of the world’s big cats and have great speed and power, and can take down a buffalo.
  • Bengal Tigers are native to India, and are the most common tigers in the wild. About half of all wild tigers are Bengal.
  • Tigers are almost always alone, besides when they are caring for their young.
  • Female tigers give birth to litters of two to six cubs, which they raise with little or no help from the male.
  • They often hunt at night, and are able to eat up to 60 pounds of meat in one night.
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