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Taipan – World’s Deadliest Snake – Facts

  • As the title states, the Taipan is the deadliest snake in the world.
  • They are found from Australia to the southern edge of New Guinea.
  • They range in color from beige to gray and pale brown to dark brown.
  • Some of them also experience seasonal color changes.
  • The maximum length found was 9.5 feet but the average length is 6 to 8 feet long, about the length of Shaq if he laid on his side.
  • There are three species of Taipan: The coastal taipan (the longest),  inland taipan or western taipan (slightly smaller at 5.5 feet), and the last species of taipan, Central Ranges or western desert taipan ( the most recently found species, found in 2006 is still yet to be studied.
  • They are mainly rodent eaters, and are moderately common on sugarcane plantations and in other areas that harbor large populations of rats and mice.
  • However, the Central Ranges taipan prefers arid sandy habitats.
  • During the breeding season, the coastal taipan deposits clutches of 7 to 17 eggs, whereas the inland taipan lays between 12 and 20 eggs.
  • Taipans are quick to defend themselves if disturbed. If a human is bitten they have only a few hours to live if they do not get medical treatment fast enough.
  • The venom is the most toxic of any terrestrial snake in the world.
  • Want to learn morehttps://www.britannica.com/animal/taipan



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